UMass Worker's Multimillion Dollar Scam Uncovered After His Death, School Says


UMass Medical School Employee Stole Millions Before Death
UMass Medical School Employee Stole Millions Before Death

When Leo Villani died in January after a car accident, his coworkers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School mourned the loss of a great colleague. They remembered a financial analyst who kept his $46,000 a year job despite getting a big inheritance, someone who was always "singing" and "laughing," as coworkers told the Boston Globe. What they didn't learn until after his death was that the 54-year-old Villani had been embezzling millions for years, according to authorities.

He'd claimed that his 4,000 square-foot McMansion and Porsche were financed with his "inheritance;" but the school said in fact, Villani spent the last five years routing $3.4 million intended for the state Medicaid insurance program to a fake corporation he had set up. The reported scheme was only uncovered after Villani's death when a review of his work uncovered "discrepancies" in the account, which was supposed to be used for administering payments for the state Medicaid program, known as MassHealth.

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