TASER Camera Endorsed by Greensboro Police Department

TASER Camera Endorsed by Greensboro Police Department

Just one week after announcing a sizable 45-unit sale of AXON flex on-officer cameras to the Topeka Police Department in Kansas, TASER International returned to market Wednesday to announce a new AXON flex sale nearly four times as large.

This latest sale, for 160 new AXON flex units, an additional 10 AXON body cameras, and a three-year subscription for the data they generate to TASER's EVIDENCE.com service, is being made to the Greensboro Police Department in North Carolina. It is more than a third larger than a similar sale of AXON products to Greensboro that TASER booked earlier this year.

These latest Greensboro sales were booked in this current Q3 2013, and will also ship this quarter.

In a statement on the purchase, Greensboro Chief of Police Ken Miller was quoted saying: "There simply is no substitute for the coverage and benefits that [AXON camera] systems provide, and I predict they will become standard equipment issue in all departments over the next 3-5 years" -- echoing a sentiment that TASER CEO Rick Smith expressed last month, but cutting the predicted time frame in half.

In addition to the Greensboro sale, TASER advised today that law enforcement agencies in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Oklahoma have all placed new orders for AXON flex cameras recently, with most also opting to sign up for EVIDENCE.com service. Other agencies, in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Missouri, North Carolina, and Texas, have all made purchases of AXON body cameras -- again, with most of them signing up for EVIDENCE.com as well.

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