Nab New Deals by Negotiating Old Contracts -- Savings Experiment


Getting a great deal on cable, phone plans, internet service and gym memberships can be as simple as asking for one. So, before you renew or sign up for a new contract, use these tips to save yourself a pretty penny.

For the best deals on cable, internet and phone services, negotiate at the end of your contract. This is when companies are focused on retaining their customers. For more negotiation power, check for competitive rates on and use the information to make sure you're getting the best price available.

Then, when you're ready to call, make sure you as for the cancellation department. The customer service reps there have more power to offer deals so you stay with the company. Explain that you are at the end of your contract and want to lower your bills. The rep will likely do everything he or she can to make you happy with your rates.

When signing up for a new gym membership, watch for initiation fees. These can usually be waived, so make sure you ask before you sign any contracts. Another good tip is to sign up at the end of the month, when membership sales reps are generally looking to meet their monthly quota.

attractive young hispanic woman ...
attractive young hispanic woman ...

Whether you're renewing an old contract or starting a new one, remember that a little negotiation can save you money before you sign on the dotted line.