Is Carl Icahn Right About Apple?

Is Carl Icahn Right About Apple?

It's been a brutal week for Apple investors, unless your name is Carl Icahn.

The iEverything maker's stock tanked in the wake of what's widely been labeled one of the most disappointing Apple launches in some time. True, the iPhone 5s is undoubtedly a best-in-class product, but the two main growth drivers -- a low-cost iPhone and a China Mobile deal -- were both nowhere to be found.

However, Icahn (or should it be iCahn for his love of Apple?) has made a fortune by bucking the consensus and then proving it wrong. Not only has he been bullish on Apple for some time, but according to reports, he also used this week's sell-off to significantly increase his stake in the tech giant. So is he right? Should investors consider adding Apple, even after it let them down? In this video, tech and telecom analyst Andrew Tonner sifts through the rubble to see whether there's still an attractive opportunity in Apple.

It's true that the iPhone 5c was a let-down. However, that doesn't mean Apple's stock still can't soar. For it to happen though, a few critical things need to fall into place. In The Motley Fool's special free report, "5 Secrets to Apple's Future," we outline the key factors every Apple investor needs to watch. Just click here now for your free report.

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