7 Strange but True Tales of Extreme Frugality

Austerity - turning down temperature on domestic central heating thermostat

There was a lot of belt-tightening after the Great Recession hit. Five years later, some of those belts have stayed tight.

Whether it's avid couponing, keeping the thermostat turned down, or simply using every last leftover, thrifty folks go to all sorts of length to save money. And sometimes they cross a line into what could charitably be described as "extreme."

This week on Reddit's "Frugal" subreddit, a thrifty user posed a question to his fellow money-savers: "What is the most ridiculous, absurd thing you have done for the sake of being frugal?" His own story consisted of buying ten boxes of cheap raisin bran in bulk and spending hours picking out the raisins, eventually winding up with 9 pounds of raisins for less than he'd pay for raisins a la carte.

But some of those who responded had stories that went even further. Here are some of the most extreme examples.

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