Waitress Claims She Was Left A $200,000 Tip

<b class="credit">Imgur.com/Reddit</b>

There have been stories of partying celebs leaving huge tips and even ordinary folks being extravagantly generous, such as the one who reportedly left a $500 tip on a $5 tab. But a Reddit user, calling herself randomdazee, claims a customer left her a jaw-dropping tip of $200,000 on a bill of just $111.54, and she posted the receipt as proof.

The receipt doesn't contain identifying details, so the authenticity couldn't be confirmed. Some users on Reddit, an online community, were immediately skeptical, and the user claimed to be a St. Louis waitress and had never posted under that name on Reddit before. She never got the money; in one call to the credit card company, she learned that the company wouldn't honor such a tip. (The bank reserves the option to bounce back tips that are more than 30 percent of the bill, she wrote.)

The waitress's first reaction to the tip was exactly what you might expect. "I basically couldn't function at this point," she wrote on Reddit. It's "pretty life changing to even think about getting that kind of money."

But the waitress is hopeful the tip was sincere, and says if she could talk again to her "guardian angel" she'd "thank her for the sentiment." The story however may not yet be over: "It'd be cool to know why she was possessed to give me of all people that kind of money," the waitress also wrote.