Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Features

With Grand Theft Auto V days away from release, players everywhere can't wait to dive back into the criminal world of Los Santos. Just make sure you save room for Grand Theft Auto Online when it launches a couple of weeks later. Here, you'll be able to team up with friends and take on rivals through a series of vehicular and ground-based contests to see which group is the best.

With the Online interface comes the return of the Social Club, where you not only put together a crew to work with you at every turn, but also assign a Hierarchy, letting everyone know just who's in charge.

This system is based upon feedback from the Social Club community, so Rockstar North, the developers of both GTA V and its supplementary Online mode, have a great idea of what to do with it.

Hierarchy ties in with the general Crew, which is broken down into five top tiers. At the very top sits the Leader, who leads this particular club and makes all the decisions when it comes to leveling out rankings and making sure each member does their job. This is probably the most crucial point of the Hierarchy, so you'll want to make sure that the right person is on deck. Put the wrong person in charge and the group could crumble under "no confidence."

Next up are the Commissioners, with two assigned. These people act as the most trusted members to the Leader and the members below them. They act as right-hand men – or women – who will manage and administrate each part of the Crew, working on behalf of the Leader. These members should also be highly trusted, as they'll have the ability to promote new members to the crew, as well as assign new ones. It's vital that you have the Leader and the Commissioners on the same page, or else there will be a falling out.

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