New GTA Online Details Land

If you thought we knew a lot about GTA Online already, guess again, as after a new info dump in the latest issue of Game Informer Magazine (via CVG) we now know a whole lot more.

A lot of the details discuss the character progression system, which is said to have some sort of a "flow," with its own narrative, but no definite end point. Much of the progression will come from earning money, which you can then use to buy real estate, vehicles, weapons, clothes and more.

There will be female characters (playable), cutscenes featuring your character, characters from the main game that come back to help you - since it all takes place after the single player story - and some of them will be able to offer you special abilities if you help them out.

The online world will be instanced, automatically populated with your friends and gamers similar to your level, or you can hand pick everyone that's in your online world.

You'll have a personal rank as well as a crew rank, so you'll need both your own resources and that of friends to help you advance. Most missions will be solo-able, but many of the more complicated ones will require a team of people working together to achieve the single goal. When organising players, you can make use of a lobby system to organise people into squads or teams.

Wanna just kick back and enjoy the surroundings though? Turn on passive mode and no other player will bother you. However, fire just one shot off and you're back to full on PVP. You'll drop your loot when killed too, so keep your bank stocked up with cash to replace any stolen funds and protect your biggest hauls.

And a whole lot more. Check out CVG's page for the full list.

What do you guys think of some of these details? Sounds intriguing at the least.

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