Parker Aerospace and AVIC Hold Ceremony with Local Governments in Support of Joint Ventures in Nanji


Parker Aerospace and AVIC Hold Ceremony with Local Governments in Support of Joint Ventures in Nanjing and Xi'an

NANJING, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Parker Aerospace, a business unit of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, and China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) held signing ceremonies to finalize terms and incentive agreements with the local municipal government in support of new joint ventures forming in Nanjing, China, and in Xi'an, China, in support of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) C919 program.

These government incentives signing ceremonies are an important step in the process of building permanent facilities in China. The ceremonies follow the recent contract signings between Parker Aerospace and AVIC to form the two joint venture companies, and also with COMAC to supply complete fuel and inerting, hydraulic, and flight control actuation systems on the C919 aircraft.

"Parker is honored to be building two facilities in China in support of the COMAC C919," said Parker Aerospace Group Vice President of Business Integration Mark Seidel. "We are committed to the Nanjing and Xi'an communities and to the future business these joint venture companies will provide in the fastest growing aerospace market in the world."

Parker Aerospace and AVIC Jincheng Corporation will form a partnership in development and support of the fuel, inerting, and hydraulic systems on the C919 aircraft. This joint venture will be located in Nanjing and will include a manufacturing facility.

A significant portion of the systems' component assembly, test, and manufacture will take place at the new facilities, as well as systems integration test functions.

Parker Aerospace and AVIC's Flight Automated Control Research Institute will form a partnership to provide local, in-country support of the joint development of the flight control actuation systems products on the C919. This joint venture will be located in Xi'an and include a customer service repair center that will be responsible for Parker Aerospace, AVIC, and third-party products.

"Parker is pleased to form these joint ventures in support of our four key systems packages on the C919," said Parker Aerospace President Roger Sherrard. "Providing local development and support facilities for this new aircraft will allow us to provide the most competitive products in the Asian aerospace industry as it grows at an unprecedented rate."

Financial terms of the agreements have not been disclosed. Aerospace industry analysts estimate that within the next four years, China will be the world's largest aerospace market.

In 2010, Parker was named the primary fly-by-wire flight control actuation, fuel, inerting, and hydraulic systems provider for the C919 aircraft.

Parker Aerospace is developing the C919's primary flight control actuation system. The fly-by-wire system will include horizontal stabilizer trim actuation and motor control; aileron, rudder, spoiler, and elevator actuators; and remote electronic units.

Parker's hydraulic system features a control and monitoring software package for the C919 integrated modular avionics controller and provides the functions necessary to power and control the aircraft's flight control system, landing gear and steering systems, and thrust-reversers.

Parker Aerospace is also responsible for the C919's complete fuel and inerting systems. The fuel system equipment will handle multiple functions for the aircraft's fuel system and includes engine feed, APU feed, refuel and defuel, venting, scavenge, fuel quantity gauging, and integrated modular avionics fuel gauging and management software. The inerting system includes conditioned air supply and electronic control, as well as nitrogen-enriched air generation and distribution, reducing the flammability of fuel vapors in the aircraft's fuel tanks and increasing aircraft safety.

Parker provides the fuel, hydraulic, and flight control actuation systems for COMAC's ARJ21 aircraft and has been a Gold Supplier for the program for many years.

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