IBM and Continental AG Collaborate on Connected-Vehicle Platform

IBM and Continental AG Collaborate on Connected-Vehicle Platform

At the Frankfurt International Auto Show today, Continental AG and IBMsaid the two companies will work together to build cloud-based, fully connected systems for automobile manufacturers. The partnership is expected to yield a scalable cloud platform that auto companies can use to deliver new features and updates via the Internet.

"The vehicle will not just be connected to the Internet, it will become part of it. Networked, intelligent mobility opens up enormous potential for innovation and will enable several new functions for drivers," Elmar Degenhart, chairman of the executive board at Continental, said in statement.

The two companies will also collaborate on the next generation of the "electronic horizon" platform, which they say will make "automated driving" a reality.

Dirk Wollschläger, the general manager of global automotive industry at IBM said in a press release, "Realization of the fully connected vehicle requires technology expertise across Big Data, embedded intelligence and the ability to deliver services over a highly scalable cloud platform. As innovators in our respective fields, Continental and IBM will accelerate the convergence of automotive and IT industries, enabling car manufacturers to integrate multimedia mobile services personalized in-car experience, infotainment and traffic flow management to the realization of a truly connected car."

In addition to collaborating on an automotive cloud-based system, the companies said the platform could be used in the public transportation, insurance and retail industries. Neither company announced when the new platform might be available.


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