How to Buy More Appliances for Less -- Savings Experiment


If you're in the market for new appliances, there's an easy way to buy more and pay less. At some major retailers, purchasing items in bundles can truly get you more for your money. Here's how.

"Bundling" is a retail trend that offers a group of products as one combined item, but at a lower price. For instance, you can get a refrigerator, a microwave and stove as a kitchen set for less than what it would cost to buy all three products individually.

The products are usually made by brands you can trust, too. In recent years, Sears promoted a bundle sale featuring 20 percent off off kitchen appliances from Kenmore. Best Buy is another major retailer that is constantly offering bundling promotions, while stores like Walmart and AJ Madison have also advertised occasional deals.

Of course, you should always shop smart. While bundling can sometimes save you up to $1000 or more, be sure to avoid buying unnecessary appliances, just to get the savings. Otherwise, you'll just be throwing money down the drain.

Washers and Dryers For Sale in Appliance Store
Washers and Dryers For Sale in Appliance Store

So the next time you shop for appliances, look for bundling options and remember that buying more can sometimes save you more, too.