VW Pulls the Plug on the Longest-Running Model in Automotive History

<b class="credit">Alamy</b>

By Roberto A. Ferdman

Some 60 years ago, the first VW Transporters -- or campervans as they're better known -- were first assembled in São Paulo, Brazil. This December, the country will build the world's very last one.

Since Germany shuttered production of the minibus back in 1979, Brazil has been the sole producer of the VW campervan. Volkswagen is discontinuing production of the iconic vehicle at the end of the year because it doesn't comply with Brazil's newest safety laws. Beginning in 2014, new cars will be required to have anti-lock braking systems and airbags, features that aren't compatible with the campervan.

The discontinuation of the VW minibus, the longest produced model in automotive history, is sure to disappoint campervan enthusiasts around the globe, many of whom organize festivals and gatherings to commemorate its creation. But it may ruffle the feathers of Brazilians even more.

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