Cross-Country in an Electric Car? Elon Musk to Prove It's Possible

Model S. Source: Tesla Motors.

His roles are split in impossible proportions. SpaceX CEO, SolarCity chairman, Hyperloop designer, Tesla Motors CEO, husband, and father of five children, Elon Musk is a busy man. But he's not too busy for a good oe' cross-country road trip -- at least not for this one. This trip has a purpose.

The trip
It's official. Elon Musk and his family will travel from Los Angeles to New York in a Model S on a six-day road trip.

Wait -- that's nothing new, right?

There's a catch. Musk will spend only nine 9 hours charging -- and only at Superchargers.

He explains further in a tweet:

The purpose?

The general perception of electric cars is that they simply aren't feasible for long-distance travel. What better way to spread the news that electric cars can feasibly cross the country than to get the iconic Elon Musk himself at the wheel of 2013's best car?

A celebration of Superchargers
Musk's timeline for the trip hasn't been announced (and I doubt it will -- can you imagine the train of loyal fans who would follow?). But it's probably not this week. Based on Tesla's map of planned Superchargers, it won't be until the winter of this year that there will be sufficient Superchargers for a cross-country trip.

Charging Model S. Source: Tesla Motors.

The possibility of feasible cross-country travel in a Model S by winter of this year will mark an impressive accomplishment for the company. Earlier this year, the company had just 19 Superchargers, and the only possible travel, from Supercharger to Supercharger, was mostly on the West Coast -- particularly in California, where the company was founded.

By 2015, Tesla plans to have 98% of the U.S. population and parts of Canada within range of Superchargers. Musk's cross-country road trip will solidify the undeniable aggressiveness of the company's expansion plan.

Whether electric cars are the future or not, Tesla-branded electric cars in the U.S. will soon feasibly travel wherever they please.

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