Abused Retail Staff Quits With Epic Resignation Letter [UPDATE]

<b class="credit">Imgur/Reddit</b>

Malls are breeding grounds of consumer commerce -- and of complaints by employees. Long hours, inflexible conditions. Even a mall Santa can have a have a litany. But the ones that really slug it out are in the small high-volume stores where pressure is constant and some bosses get carried away with themselves.

Some workers in a Rochester, NY Journeys footwear store allegedly got really fed up with verbal abuse and all left -- right in the middle of the back-to-school rush -- according to a Reddit post via Gawker. Reportedly the supervisor at this store swore at employees and told at least one employee that having "cancer is never an excuse" at work. What made the walkout memorable is that the employees left their complaints in a resignation letter on a large poster. Which they apparently hung where all the inconvenienced customers could see. Someone then took a picture and uploaded it to Reddit (see below).