Phoenix TV Reporter Rescues Motorist In Flash Flood [VIDEO]


Surveys show that the public still gets most of their news from television, but they don't trust broadcast journalists much. Of course, local on-air reporters especially tend to make some ridiculous mistakes, from the North Dakota news anchor who dropped f-bomb on his first day on air to the San Francisco anchor who managed to not only misreport a tragic crash but make racial slurs in the process.

And so, it's a bit of welcome news that a Phoenix TV reporter managed to show a bit of quick thinking on the air and rescue a stranded motorist, as reports (via KTVK reporter Steve Ryan was in the field, covering a flash flood storm when he says he heard screams, "absolute terror." He saw a woman trying to climb out of her car, and concerned she'd lose her footing in the foot of water, he carried her out. The video showed him carrying her on his back, splashing through the water.

"It's a team effort out here," KTVK reporter Steve Ryan told the anchor Carey Pena. "When someone's panicking, we help out."

After the rescue, the woman -- not named -- told him, "I just kinda freaked out. I thought I was going to drown."

"But you didn't," Ryan reminded her, adding she is "no worse for the wear."