Co-Authors Of Bullying Book At War, Accusations Of Bullying

Author Barbara Coloroso
Author Barbara Coloroso

Workplace bullying is supposedly incredibly common. According to one survey, 35 percent think they have been victims of bullying at work, though what constitutes bullying is up for dispute. Still, it's surprising that the co-authors of a new book on workplace bullying have ended up in court, with each flinging explosive allegations, from plagiarism to, yes, bullying.

According to a fascinating article in the Toronto Star, it seemed like an ideal collaboration at first. Barbara Coloroso is a expert on bullying and an author of several bestselling books about bullying in schools. Andrew Faas, a former vice president of Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, is the owner of a consulting firm specializing in reducing workplace bullying and violence. But nearly three years after they inked the $100,000 deal with HarperCollins, their partnership has disintegrated, with two lawsuits.

Coloroso is suing Faas for $1.5 million, alleging he committed "blatant acts of plagiarism and copyright infringement" from sources including Wikipedia, as The Toronto Star notes. Faas is suing Coloroso for $1.1 million, alleging she missed deadlines and then "unilaterally" terminated their agreement with HarperCollins. He's also the one claiming she's using bullying behavior, says The Toronto Star.