The Best Madden 25 Strategy Guides


Finding a good Madden 25 strategy guide can be really tough to do these days. There are so many websites trying to sell you their strategy guides and the majority of them are just downright awful. currently has 2 strategy guides available. The Madden 25 Offensive Domination eBook as well as the Madden 25 Ultimate Defensive eBook.

We have included a sample of the type of play you will find in the defensive ebook below.

Play: Saw 0 Blitz


  1. Hot route your OLB on the right side of the screen to cover the guy who isn't being covered (usually a running back or tight end)

  2. Shift your dline to the left

  3. Reblitz your DT#1 and move him over to the left 1 spot

  4. Take your OLB on the right side of the screen and reblitz him and move him between the right guard and center

  5. (Optional) Man align

This play will bring extreme pressure right up the middle. Once you get used to the setup, it will only take you a few seconds to make all the adjustments.

You can view 2 more free nano blitzes from the same formation from the Madden 25 Ultimate Defensive eBook at