Starbucks Barista: Fired For Trash Diving


Of all the reasons someone might get fired, trash-can diving seems peculiar. That's what Coulson Loptmann, a 21-year-old former Starbucks barista, claims happened, as he says he was busted for eating a sandwich from the trash, according to The Stranger blog.

Loptmann told the blog that he made $9.94 an hour for 23 to 32 hours a week and brought in another $30 in tips -- at most $348 before taxes -- and that he relied on food stamps to make ends meet. He said that he asked for more hours but didn't receive them and was fired because Starbucks considered taking the sandwich from the trash "stealing."

A Starbucks spokesperson told AOL Jobs that Loptmann was fired not just for eating food tossed because it was out of date, but for a history of "documented performance issues," which he declined to specify.