Save More With Secret Warehouse Club Pricing Codes -- Savings Experiment


Warehouse clubs are known for their deals, but if you know how they price their items, you can cash in on even more savings. Here's how to identify special markdown codes and use them to your advantage the next time you go shopping.

At Costco, be on the lookout for items ending in 97 cents. This is a specially marked-down product that didn't sell, so it needs to be cleared off the shelves. These prices are usually not advertised, and if you see an asterisk by the price, that means the product will not be reordered. So, check your pantry and stock up on any favorites before it's too late.

At BJ's, look for the number on the top of the tags. If you see a seven, that means it's a one-time buy, and is most likely a seasonal product. If you see a two, that means the item has been discontinued, and might be on sale soon.

So, the next time you head to a warehouse club, keep these tips in mind. You'll find that it really does pay to know the code.