How Sitting All Day Is Killing Your Body


By Lindsay Olson

If you're like 86% of American workers, you sit all day for your job. Add to that the time you spend sitting on the couch after work watching television, reading, playing games or surfing the Internet, and you spend approximately 13 hours a day sitting down, according to a survey by Ergotron, a manufacturer of digital display mounting and mobility products.

But could you be at risk for "Sitting Disease?"

Given the number of workers who perform their tasks on a computer or otherwise seated at a desk, medical experts are starting to become concerned about the health effects of sitting. The scientific community has coined the phrase "Sitting Disease" to refer to the effect sitting has on metabolism, as well as the negative impact of an overly sedentary lifestyle. It may not be a diagnosable disease yet, but if you sit the majority of the day and don't balance it out with physical activity, your health could be in jeopardy.