Madden 25 Tips: Best Running Play In The Game


Madden 25 is now available and that means it is time for tips, strategies, and cheats! In today's post, we will be going over one of the best running plays in Madden 25. It can be found in the Carolina Panther's offensive playbook which we based our Madden 25 Offensive Domination eBook on.

The play is in the Gun Heavy Panther formation called QB Wrap. To set it up, just put your inside tight end on the left in motion to the right. You will also want to be sure that you have a fast quarterback. Bounce the run to the outside and turn the ball upfield.

Here is a video where we go over the exact setup:

You will see how we are able to pick up a consistent 15-20 yards every play and it often leads to a touchdown as well. You can view the full post with screenshots and a more detailed breakdown here.

If you need help on defense, check out the Madden 25 Ultimate Defensive eBook from Madden School. It will absolutely take your game to the next level.