NASA Astronaut Wrote A Limerick To Get Hired [VIDEO]

The job market is fiercely competitive. Even to land a minimum-wage gig at Walmart, you can face odds that are as steep as getting into an Ivy League college. Still, you might be surprised by what was required to get hired as an astronaut in the NASA's Class of 2013.

The four men and four women hired by NASA as astronaut candidates not only had "exhaustive" medical and fitness tests and a deep analysis of their science, engineering and flight experiences, notes They also had to do "a massive amount of writing" on their application and were asked to compose "compose a tweet, a limerick or a haiku," Lt. Commander Victor Glover, one of the eight new hires, said at a press conference.What did Glover write? At the press conference, the 37-year-old recited his limerick:

"My eyes fixed off gazing into space
My mind in awe of the human race
This is all dizzying to me
Because I gave so much blood and pee
Happy to be here .....
The colonoscopy place."

"And that is funny if you had to go through this interview process, specifically the medical testing," Glover explained.

Of course, the rigorous application process is considered well worthwhile. NASA is consistently ranked as one of the best places to work in the federal government.

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