Top 10 Cities for Child-Free Living

American households are changing, becoming more unconventional -- and one of the most dramatic changes is that they're much less likely to include children. Time magazine explored "The Child-Free" life in a recent cover story that trumpeted it as perhaps the new way of "having it all," and cited a birthrate that's at its lowest point in American history: Nearly 1 in 5 women end their child-bearing years without birthing or adopting a child; in 1970 it was only 1 in 10.

Perhaps taking a cue from those statistics, Estately has taken a look at U.S. cities with unusually low numbers of minors, interviewed a handful of advocates of the kid-free lifestyle, and picked the 14 places that most suit that presumably free-wheeling way of life. The virtual real estate brokerage weighted the list in favor of cities with great nightlife, restaurants, travel options, and the kind of activities in which children aren't only not heard but not seen.

While a few towns on the list are college communities, such as Ithaca, N.Y. (No. 14), and Madison, Wis. (No. 13), also making the list were such party towns as Miami Beach (No. 12) and Las Vegas (No. 11). (Even though Sin City has a sizable population under 18, it's seen by Estately as offering easy escape from them for the "blissfully childless" by "simply by stepping into any of the city's dozens of casinos.")

Perhaps not surprisingly, Madison is the only place representing the Midwest on that list. Maybe it's because of the Heartland's image as a wholesome place to raise kids -- or not very exciting -- or maybe it's just because the 25 states in which Estately operates include only three Midwestern ones (Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin). It should be noted, however, that a city in Maine did make the list, even though it's not in Estately's service area.

See homes for sale in that town and the rest of Estately's Top 10 "Cities for Childfree Living" in the slideshow below:


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