People Who Have Sex Frequently Earn More Money, Study Finds


The Key to Making More Money Is ... Sex?
The Key to Making More Money Is ... Sex?

You already know some of the keys to career success -- a strong work ethic, solid skills, and a positive attitude usually rank high on the list. Now you can add one more: A rocking sex life.

That's what new research by the Institute for the Study of Labor (ISL) based out of Bonn, Germany, found. According to the study, workers having sex more than four times a week make nearly 5 percent more than those who don't have such an active personal life. The results were consistent for both gay and straight workers and were not affected by job type or education level.

The study's author, Nick Drydakis, an economist at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, found that sexually-active workers are likely to be more confident, emotionally stable and focused. They're also likely to be healthier -- with fewer "limitations such as diabetes, heart diseases and arthritis,"as Drydakis told the New York Daily News.