Maximize Your WiFi Range for Free -- Savings Experiment


If you have Internet access set up in your home, you can get the most out of your plan by maximizing your WiFi signal. Here are some handy (and free) tricks to boost your reach.

First, increasing your signal is as easy as moving your home router. Instead of placing it by the TV or cable box, move it to the best place the the house: the attic. It has the least amount of walls and other obstructions, and is a central spot. Additionally, since radio waves spread laterally and down, your attic can be an ideal place for your router.

Need an extra signal boost? Use an aluminum can. Start by removing the pull tab, as well as the bottom of the can. Then, cut the top of the can almost off, leaving only about an inch uncut. Opposite to that, cut the length of the can and pull back the sides. It should roughly resemble a radar dish. Then, by turning the can over and sliding its mouth over your router's antenna, it should give your signal the boost it needs.

So, follow these tips to get the most out of your WiFi. You'll ensure that your signal covers all your home's corners, without reaching into your wallet.