GamesCom 2013: Dragon Age 3: Inquisition coming Fall 2014


At GamesCom 2013, BioWare and EA shared a dev diary for Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. Among things we learned are:

  • There is a new level of immersion that only next-gen software can achieve

  • Dragon Age 3: Inquisition will feature at least one dragon

  • Dragon Age 3: Inquisition is the first step in BioWare's journey to make the next level of RPGs all about player freedom

  • The world is described as a "world on the edge" after having undergone an event allowing demons to run free

  • You play as an Inquisitor, having the rights and powers others don't have, and you'll have to pmake major choices that have widespread effects

The best news from the Dragon Age 3: Inquisition dev diary was learning that the game will release in Fall 2014. It's still a ways off, but at least we have something to look forward to.

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