Sony releases 12GB PS3 in U.S. and Canada ahead of PS4's arrival


Right now may not seem like the optimal time for releasing a new PS3 model -- with the impending arrival of the PlayStation 4 and all -- but that's exactly what Sony has done, with today's release of the flash-based 12GB PS3.

Although it was released in Europe last year, the new 12GB model is available for purchase at retailers in both the United States and Canada. The new model is offered in two forms: as a standalone console for $199.99, or bundled with two games (Uncharted 3 GotY and The Last of Us) for $259.99. The bundle basically serves as a buy one-get one free type deal for the games.

With Sony's growing emphasis on digital game and media downloads, 12GB will certainly not be enough space. However, it's worth noting that it supports additional storage through USB. Pick up this bad boy and a cheap external harddrive and you're good to go.

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