Preview: Takedown: Red Sabre is an intense tactical FPS


When I spent a few minutes withTakedown: Red Sabreat E3 back in June, I really only got a slight feel for what the six-on-six cooperative game had to offer as far as mechanics go. I was since invited to check out an advanced build of the upcoming tactical FPS, and after playing a few matches, trying out the different modes, and talking to developer Serellan, I was able to see that this title will definitely have a lot to offer fans of more strategic shooters, the likes of which were much more prevalent on the PC years ago.

While you could potentially play through any number of missions on your own, the core Takedownexperience is based around teaming up with other players and engaging in tactical squad-based missions. There are multiple modes for you to engage in, including Tango Hunt, where you need to pick enemies off one by one, and Bomb Disarm, which tasks you with eliminating bomb threats while simultaneously dealing with any bad guys that get in your way.

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