A Teen's Tumblr Blog Helps Save Her Mom From Financial Ruin


If a family member was laid off, you might know the right things to say. But is there anything else you could do? An enterprising 14-year-old Connecticut girl figured out an answer when her mother was laid off from her banking job, her stepfather moved out and the family was facing possible homelessness.

In June, Danielle Walters, of Suffield, Connecticut,posted a heartfelt plea on the social network Tumblr, asking people to visit her mother's small online business, Suffield Sundries, which sells artisan candles and soaps and is hosted on the e-commerce crafts site, Etsy.

"All I want is for [my mother's] business to get big and noticed a lot more," Walters wrote. The post, shown above, included a snapshot of the business card, and request that others reblog the picture to "help my mom's business get out there."

At first, there weren't many clicks, according to DailyDot.com, the Internet news site that first broke the story. But then last Saturday, her mother, Noelle Walters-Davis, saw a spike; in the last week, she's sold out her entire stock of 200 soaps, receiving as many 10,000 customers per day. The Tumblr post now has more than 34,000 notes.