Daycare Workers Fired After Instagram Posts

Newport News, Va. daycare workers mock kids on InstagramAs the world teaches over and over again, posting on Instagram can get you fired. But it's a lesson that people keep having to learn, as in the case of two daycare workers sacked for allegedly mocking kids in their care, as reported by the Virginia television station WAVY.

One of the workers at A Heavenly Heaven II Child Care in Newport News, Va., a Jen A. who has an Instagram account named mz_oneofakind, had reportedly posted a picture of a developmentally-delayed child in a high chair, according to a WAVY interview with the mother, Melissa Jordan. In capital letters reportedly at the top of the image was, "I'm sick of this s***!!!"

"I don't know why he is sitting in a highchair at three years old. I don't know how long he's been in the highchair. He looks so pathetic and miserable. He looks so defeated in that picture," Jordan said.

Even worse were comments and, unfortunately, mz_oneofakind wasn't. A manager of the facility reportedly wrote, "he is thinking cuz sure can't talk."

Jen A. also posted a picture of another toddler on Instagram, comparing his teeth to the buck-toothed character Mater from the animated movie Cars, according to WAVY.

In an interview with AOL Jobs, CEO Juanita Brown described Heavenly Haven as a Christian-oriented daycare center -- meaning that the company is influenced by Christian values and principles -- and she said the two employees were fired.

"The only thing I can tell you about the employment here is that our company policy states that there is no cell phone usage in our classroom," Brown said. "Any unauthorized use of cell phones will result in immediate termination of employment." The policy has been in effect since September 12, 2012.

"I really don't want to comment any more on this," Brown said to AOL Jobs. "I'm just trying to allow the hurt and the pain of the people involved, I'm trying to let it rest. The employees were fired as our company policy states and there's nothing more that we can say or do in this matter." She also said that she was "not at liberty to say [anything more] because of confidentiality reasons."

The Heavenly Haven employment page says that it provides "tremendous opportunities" for "self-starting people who are looking for a challenge and ready for a change." According to the company's site, it believes "communication to be very important" and encourages relationships between parents and teachers and managers.

A Heavenly Haven Child Care is a licensed facility dedicated to providing quality child care. We strive to provide a clean, safe and healthy environment through planned programs and structured activities. Children will experience educational activities that will help them develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

WAVY reports that Brown sent a statement to the station asking "that you please forgive us for any actions that have surfaced regarding allegations," and publicly apologizing to Jordan and her family.

This incident, caused by an employee, does not reflect who we are as a childcare provider nor will it deter us from providing a safe and nurturing environment for our children.

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