Plants Vs Zombies 2 Cheats And Tips


Plants Vs Zombies 2 is now out on App Stores all around the world, and we gave the game a mighty score of 4.5 out of 5 in our Plants Vs Zombies 2 earlier today. Now here are some essential hints and tips for getting through even the trickiest stages without spending a cent.

- In the special survival stages of Plants Vs Zombies 2, it's incredibly important to stay on your toes and throw the randomly offered object into the most pressing lane. If you've been given a defensive tool, put it in a lane that doesn't have any firepower attached to it yet. If it's an offensive unit, put it in the lane that has the most pressing incoming threat.

- As the game suggests, you should try to get at least three sunflowers into play in each level, but don't focus on them one after another from the very start, or you'll soon become overwhelmed by the approaching undead. Instead, alternate between planting sunflowers, and planting offensive plants and defensive items.

- You always want to take the Potato Mine into each stage. At a cost of 25 suns it's very cheap, has a quick recharge, and is incredibly useful in the early parts of each stage when you need to build up your economy, rather than splurging on offense. The Wall-nut is also great for keeping the zombies at bay, and for buying you a little extra time to get your lawn in order.

- The power-ups in Plants Vs Zombies 2 really are powerful, so save them up for the Star missions which are much harder than the regular stages. Don't use them in the main campaign missions - earn your coins in these levels and then spend them in the Star stages. The best power-up is the gusty wind as it can clear the entire screen of zombies very quickly.

- Certain plants can fire through three entire lanes - put these in the middle of the map where they can do the most likely damage. The fire-flinging plant is particularly good, because it only costs 150 suns to deploy and can clear out a lot of undead with its devastating damage.

- Be careful when deploying Wall-nuts on the lawn - they're very useful, but they also take a long time to recharge.

- In the Egyptian stages of Plants Vs Zombies 2, some of the zombies will be protected by pottery. If you want to take these guys down quickly, get a Bloomerang plant into play - these are great for chipping through zombies and zombie armor.

- Don't forget that you can use plant food on sun-generating flowers, as well as on offensive units. It's well worth spending your money topping up this powerful upgrade in those Star levels that challenge you to earn a certain amount of sunlight over a very short period of time.

- In the Pirate stages, unlock the Cherry Bomb and the extra plant slot as soon as possible, as they are both extremely useful in these levels. The latter is particularly important as it allows you to field seven object types rather than six, and the Cherry Bomb is as explosively useful as it sounds.

- You can actually get rid of items you've placed on the lawn, and get some of the currency cost refunded back. This is really important in levels that place a limit on how many plants you can place on the lawn at any one time.

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