Survey: Most Would Keep Working If They Won The Lottery

lotteryAfter Melissa Weinmann won a $1 million lottery last week, she was asked what her plans were. The civil service worker, who had faced federal furloughs, said she and her husband, a Marine sergeant, plan to buy a boat and take their grandson to Disney World for his birthday. But she planned to show up for work on Monday. "If I didn't work," she told The Military Times, "I'd be lost."

Sound strange? Most surveys find American workers are unhappy at work. A full 70 percent say they are "disengaged." But a new Gallup survey suggests that most people are like Weinmann -- preferring to keep working even after winning a pot of cash.

The Gallup survey finds that two thirds of Americans would keep working even if they won $10 million.

Still, a landmark study into lottery winners found that most people continue working -- though many switch jobs. Dr. Paula Caligari, author of Get a Life, Not A Job, explained to AOL Jobs:

"While many lottery winners continue earning an income, a very small percent of them continue doing exactly what they were doing prior to winning. The lottery winners' new financial freedom affords them opportunity to craft the careers they really want. They are fully in control of their career destiny."

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

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