Review: Payday 2; Killing policemen has never been this rewarding


When PAYDAY: The Heist was released two years ago, it was a strange kind of breakthrough for the video game industry. Granted, it certainly didn't offer any technological leaps forward - in fact, quite the opposite - but it did manage to carve out a niche that, confusingly, hadn't previously been tapped.

The thing is, every dude who was born after 1988 has a deep-seated love for elaborate heists, and untilPAYDAY hit the market, only the film industry had taken advantage of this classically male obsession. Die Hardmay not have been the first heist movie ever made, but when it hit the theaters in 1988, something changed. That movie altered the structure of our DNA forever, and I for one, wouldn't have it any other way.

But, for some reason it took 25 years for the video game industry to realize that men love heists. We should all be sending Overkill Software a thank you card.

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