Review: Papers, Please has me striving for Russian efficiency

If you'd told me three weeks ago that I'd one day enjoy deliberating over digital passports and entry permits for hours on end, I'd have labeled you a nut and the concept impossible. Luckily, I've since played Papers, Please, a distinctly Cold War-esque entry to the dwindling genre of point-and-click adventure. However, as its membership in the Indie club implies, Papers, Please innovates upon its core foundation-in this case, point-and-click storytelling. Rather than leisurely leading the player, it hoists you into a pressuring world of endless time trials.

You play a border inspector who's been forced into service by a labor lottery. Day after day, you begrudgingly walk to work with a 12-hour doom of repetition looming ahead of you, all while burdened by your family's needs and expenses which often outstrip your meager income.

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