Call of Duty: Ghosts new multiplayer modes detailed


Call of Duty: Ghosts will come with new multiplayer modes to expand their already big list of modes.

Cranked - Each kill you score will increase your damage, reload speed and running speed, however, only for a limited time. That means that you have to utilize that short window to get as many kills as you can, while being 'cranked'. However, if you don't kill anyone within those 30 seconds while being cranked, you explode. Awesome!

Search and Rescue - This mode will require a lot of teamwork. When a player is killed, they're not out of the round completely, they can still be revived by their teammates. Upon death, they'll drop a dog tag. If the dog tag is picked up by a teammate, then the player will respawn. However, if an enemy picks up the dog tag, they're out of the round for good.

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