How long does the Xbox One Play & Charge battery last?


We all know the Xbox One will ship with two AA batteries already included, but those of you who are purchasing the official Play & Charge Kit may be wondering how much time the battery back will give you. Microsoft has said the rechargeable battery will last about "30 hours" on a three-hour charge which is about 20% more playing time then the Xbox 360's Play & Charge battery.

In comparison, the controller powered by AA batteries will "usually last about 40 hours," according to claims made by CVG.

So the big question: AA batteries or Play & Charge? For those who don't want to fumble around with batteries, the Play & Charge Kit costs $74.99 while an extra wireless controller is priced at $59.99. Now all you have to do is figure out how long it'll take before the cost of purchasing AA batteries surpasses the $15 price difference between the two.

But hey, at least those first two batteries are free! Glass half-full, people.

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