Gamezone Original: interview with Dream Machine director Anders Gustafsson

The Dream Machine is a quirky point-and-click indie project by Cockroach Inc. What makes it so special? Well, the aesthetic, for one. The game is painstakingly hand-made out of cardboard and clay by two men, Anders Gustafsson and Erik Zaring.

But it's more than just visual appeal. The Dream Machine is a dark, surreal story that does some unexpected things and stays with you long after you finish playing it. It leaves you with a lot to think about, crawling into your subconscious and sort of taking it over – not unlike the game's titular Dream Machine, actually.

Currently, four chapters are available to play, Chapter 4 having just launched, and there are two more to come before the story is finally complete.

I recently had the chance to talk to Director Anders Gustafsson a bit about the work he's been doing on the game, and, since my college background is mostly in literature and film, I was thrilled to have him spend most of our time discussing the game's storytelling elements.

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