More details on The Last of Us' original ending


Naughty Dog has plans to fully open up about the original ending of The Last of Us during their PAX Prime panel later this month, but creative director Neil Druckmann has already begun divulge details. The latest issue of Game Informer features an in-depth interview with Druckmann in which he elaborates on the game's original ending, while addressing the character of Tess and her original role in the game.

"The original ending when we pitched the game was a much more hopeful ending, where Joel and Ellie make it to San Francisco and that is a town run by people who are trying to restore society," Druckmann revealed. "Joel has killed all these doctors and lied to Ellie, and Ellie just fully buys into the lie. So, you're left with the idea that they are going to live the rest of their lives in this town.

"The camera pulls back and maybe everything is going to be alright for these two. I was working on writing, and it didn't feel honest anymore," he added. "After everything they've done and everything they've been through, that was letting them off a little too easy - especially for Joel."

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