Madden 25 hints: finding an effective balance between running and passing


The key to a dominant offense in Madden 25 is balance. This isn't all that surprising since it has been that way for every Madden game for the last 25 years. We will go over how to keep your offense balanced and what exactly that means.

First, we should clarify what it doesn't mean. A balanced offense absolutely does not mean that you should run the ball 50% and pass the ball the other 50%. Not only would that be incredibly hard to keep track of, it would also be terribly ineffective.

When we talk about running a balanced offense in Madden 25, we simply mean that on any given play, your opponent shouldn't know for sure whether you are running the ball or throwing it down field. It would be stupid to try to throw the ball 50% of the time with the Vikings and their stud offensive line and star running back Adrian Peterson. Likewise, it wouldn't be smart to try to make sure you run the ball 50% of the time with a team like the Green Bay Packers with quarterback Aaron Rodgers and their group of wide receivers.

One of the best ways to maintain balance if you get sucked into the "money play trap" of only calling plays that you are familiar with is to call a random play once every 5 plays. The Ask Madden feature lets you do this pretty easily. You'd be surprised how effective something this simple can be.

Another way to maintain balance is to have at least 1 running play and 1 passing play out of each formation that you use. It doesn't matter if you have 5 passing plays and only 1 running play, as long as you throw the running play in there once in a while, you will keep your opponent on his toes.
There is no one size fits all offense in Madden 25 so don't approach it like there is. A balanced offense will look different for every player and every team but as long as your opponent doesn't know whether you are running or passing, you will be off to a good start this year.

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