Beach House Diaries: 7 Tips for Being Neighborly at a Vacation Home

farmers market

In a small locale like mine, where the bulk of the upkeep work falls to a few year-round residents, there are many ways for beach house owners to be good neighbors. We can serve on committees, attend "town hall" meetings or participate in the modern-day equivalent of barn raisings or quilting bees. Even short-term visitors can feel like they are part of the community. These tips will help you get off on the right foot.
  • Support mom-and-pop shops; chill in bars where you can sip local brews and listen to local bands; or get folksy at fairs and festivals.
  • Buy seasonal seafood right from the wharf and stock up on fresh produce at farmers' markets or pluck it yourself at an area u-pick.
  • Look for down-home community suppers (think lobster boils or strawberry socials) that raise funds for churches and rec centers.
  • Follow locals' lead by attending area sporting events (minor league, little league, whatever) or join a pick-up beach volleyball game.
  • Participate in Good Samaritan events. If there is a charity fund run, register. If there is an annual shoreline clean–up day, volunteer.
  • Improve the odds of meeting residents in their "native habitat" by slowing down, pocketing your cell phone and being approachable.
  • Whether you believe in common sense, karma, or plain ol' human kindness, lend a hand whenever an opportunity presents itself.

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