All 109 songs in Saints Row 4 revealed

Saints Row 4 has a massive soundtrack thanks to the numerous radio stations available to listen to in the game. Deep Silver and Volition have confirmed that a total of 109 songs will be featured across seven in-game radio stations. Best yet, the list of stations and their tracks have emerged in a feature on Complex Gaming. Sadly, heavy metal station Blood 106.66 and WDDT CPDG will not be returning.

Here are the stations that will be available to listen to when cruising the streets of the virtual Steelport.

89 GenX (DJ: Christopher Daniels)

  • Awolnation - "Burn It Down"

  • Beware of Darkness - "Howl"

  • Black Bananas - "Rad Times"

  • FIDLAR - "No Waves"

  • In Flames - "Deliver Us"

  • Lissy Trullie - "It's Only You, Isn't It?"

  • Neon Trees - "Teenage Sounds"

  • Papa Roach - "Still Swinging"

  • Terraplane Sun - "Get Me Golden"

  • The Black Cadillacs - "Choke"

  • The Bronx - "Along For The Ride"

  • The Datsuns - "System Overload"

  • The Features - "How It Starts"

  • Walk the Moon - "Tightrope"

  • We Were Promised Jetpacks - "Circles and Squares"

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