10 underrated games that need sequels on the Xbox One and PS4


Every year, we get a slew of incredible games that simply don't get a fair shake in terms of sales and popularity. These titles, despite being experiences that deserve to be played, are usually victims of circumstance. Either they launch alongside highly acclaimed entries in long-running franchises, or they introduce a new series that a lot of people are too skeptical to invest in. It's disheartening when a quality endeavor fails to deliver high sales figures, and it's even more upsetting when we never see those franchises again. With a new console generation on the horizon, however, there's plenty of room for some quality sequels, and there's definitely a possibility for success when you consider the fact that new consoles need games despite all of their snazzy new features.

Here are 10 disappointingly underrated titles that deserve a second chance in the form of a sequel on the next crop of video game platforms.


In before the comments section below gets filled to the brim with "What about Mirror's Edge, you d*ck?!" comments. In all seriousness, Mirror's Edge was a clever first-person parkour platformer that featured bright visuals and tons of style. The game certainly wasn't flawless, but it was good enough to warrant a sequel. We've yet to see the true continuation of this franchise, but with EA not ruling anything out, there's a good chance we'll see the return of runner extraordinaire Faith Connors someday. Thankfully, it's looking more and more likely that Mirror's Edge 2 will happen thanks to a listing appearing on the German Amazon storefront.


The reaction to Alone in the Dark didn't propel the game into cult status like Deadly Premonition, but the verdict on this survival horror game was quite split. While it did require a bit of patience to really enjoy, this adventure was filled with a bunch of puzzles and great ideas, some of which fully realized their potential. With the tech we're bound to get with the next wave of consoles and developers continuing to raise the bar and move forward, an Alone in the Dark sequel could very well be a survival horror fan's dream come true.


Some of the top caliber fantasy action-adventure franchises of the last several years include instant standout hits such as The Legend of Zelda, God of War, and Shadow of the Colossus. It makes sense, then, that something more obscure like Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom didn't shine as brightly as it could have. Ultimately, the game's audience was split between people who dug certain aspects of the experience and others who absolutely cherished the entire package.Majin has drawn comparisons to Ico and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West due to its companion mechanic, but unlike those games, the majority of fantasy action-adventure fans just didn't seem to catch on. With such a wondrous world, a larger-than-life monster protagonist, and genuinely enjoyable gameplay, let's hope we see a sequel to this terribly underrated fantasy adventure in the future.

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