Retailer backpedals on Xbox One, PS4 release dates


Retailer giant Toys'R'Us has issued a statement clarifying (or more like backpedaling) on previous confirmation that the Xbox One will release on November 29, followed by the PS4 on December 13 in the UK. The initial dates were first spotted on the retailer's product pages for each respective system and when questioned by BT Games as to the legitimacy, the retailer confirmed the dates "had been given direct from our suppliers and is accurate."

Now either someone was initially mistake or Toys'R'Us had caught some heat from Microsoft and Sony, because the retailer has since issued a new statement:

"Please accept my sincerest apologies for the incorrect information you were given yesterday regarding the Xbox One and Playstation 4 Console official release dates," the company told BT Games.

"The release dates are not provided by either Microsoft or Sony, but are an estimated date and are required by our system to allow us to take pre-orders. Once the correct launch dates are officially provided we will update our web site and contact any customers who have ordered."

Now we're used to retailers putting placeholders as dates, but they are usually listed as the last day of the month. The fact that the dates were so specific coupled with their initial confirmation leaves some sort of suspicion. Then again, maybe the the original respondent was just an uninformed worker.

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