Family Made Homeless by Hurricane Sandy Feels Victimized Again


A family of four left homeless by the destruction of their house in Hurricane Sandy thought they had found salvation in a FEMA-funded apartment that they began renting in March. But the Norinder family's troubles have only continued, says Lauren Norinder. She and her husband Jonas believe that their 4-year-old son's health has been threatened by conditions at the two-bedroom unit that they rented in the community of West Babylon, Norinder told New York's WPIX-TV.

Hurricane Sandy "totaled" their house on Oct. 29, 2012, Lauren Norinder says, and it must be leveled, so moving from a hotel to the Harbour Club in Long Island's West Babylon community -- where FEMA would be paying the $2,000-a-month rent -- seemed ideal. But the discovery of black mold at their apartment soon changed all that, and along with the health issue, many of the possessions the family was able to salvage from Hurricane Sandy now have been ruined by the mold at the Harbour Club, Norinder charges. But as seen in the video above, so far the family has met stiff resistance in getting out of their lease and recovering a$4,000 security deposit, with the property's management countering the Norinders' complaint by saying that the family actually brought the problem on themselves.