Should Nintendo Bring Super Mario to the iPhone?

Should Nintendo Bring Super Mario to the iPhone?

Nintendo has seen its fortunes sag across the past four years. Between its fiscal 2009 and 2013, sales dropped an astounding 64%. The company has banked its future on its new Wii U console, but early results haven't been promising. Last quarter the Wii U sold just a depressingly low 160,000 units.

The following slideshow looks at Nintendo's current predicament and the pros and cons of the company moving some of its classic games and franchises to new sales channels like Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) App Store. With over 50 billion downloads, that's a huge opportunity. However, Nintendo also fears releasing games on the app store could endanger its strength in mobile gaming. With the DS having shipped more than 150 million units, that's a very real concern.

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