What's Your Go-To Drink When Traveling?

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We polled 22 of our writers, editors and other AOL staff about their go-to travel drinks. The results aren't entirely surprising, but there's some fascinating logic behind some of the choices. Check out what a handful of those AOLers prefer below, and tell us in the comments: What's your go-to drink when you head out to explore?

50% -- Beer
Local beer. They actually know what they are doing. For example, Costa Rica: nothing tastes better after a day of surfing than an Imperial. Ireland: did you drink too much last night? Have a real Guinness, it tastes different there (for real). Hite in Korea... I could go on all day long. -- Jeff Wieker

After a long day sitting out on the beach, coming back to a cold, smooth craft brew really hits the spot. Fat Tire's a much better alternative than mainstream beers and very widely distributed. -- Kevin Sheldon

I like to try craft beers that are brewed relatively locally, that I probably can't get at home. Sometimes I'll ask for recommendations, other times I'll just pick something that looks adventurous/interesting. -- Jake Thiewes

34% -- Liquor & Mixed Drinks
I'm a beach bum at heart, and love living the cliché of sipping a mai tai out of a coconut on a Hawaiian beach.
-- Jess Moss

By day, I run business operations, so of course I'm looking for an efficient drink too: max taste and a tropical feel with the fewest ingredients (and calories) possible. -- Kendra Barnett

Whether on a full-fledged vacation or a mental vacation (aka Happy Hour), I love a refreshing French 75. It's happiness in a cup! -- Laura Maxwell

10% -- Non-Alcoholic
Cranapple Juice. Not spiked, either. It's my flying superstition. I have to drink it during every flight. -- Michael Yessis

6% -- Wine
Totally depends on the location! If it's somewhere hot and tropical – then beer or cocktail. If it's adventurous then gimme the wine. -- Lindsay Amodio
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