The most badass GTA characters ever


The popularity that the Grand Theft Auto series attained is in many ways a product of the mass fan following the unique characters that were introduced in the games of the series received. Each of the main protagonists of the multitude of games in GTA have achieved the aforementioned fame in their own rights. We do hope that the erstwhile GTA V that releases soon will continue the tradition.

In this feature today, we have compiled a list of the most badass characters that have ever graced the GTA series. Let's have a look.

Tommy Vercetti

Tommy Vercetti is the main protagonist and playable character in GTA Vice City. The character of Tommy is portrayed as a tall, handsome 6′ 3.5″ guy with combed dark hair. When he first appears in the game, Tommy is shown wearing a light blue-green Hawaiian shirt with dark blue palm trees printed on it, a Gold necklace around his neck, a gold watch around his left wrist, and a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers.

Tommy Vercetti is portrayed as temperamental and intelligent, who is violent and easily angered. He does not have a softer side which comes to fore in his dealings with the other notable characters in the game, Mercedes Cortez and Earnest Kelly.

Tommy is one of the most popular and loved GTA characters that has ever graced the series. He achieved a massive fan following because of his badass attitude and was liked by each and all. Badass to the brink, this one.


Carl 'CJ' Johnson is the main playable protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is the leader of the Grove Street Families of Los Santos. Of all the characters of GTA, few can compare to the badass that CJ is.

In the game, CJ is portrayed as a much rational and less violent character than the previous protagonists of the GTA series. Example may be taken here of the genuine remorse CJ feels when killing his fellow Grove Street members. CJ's appearance is highly customizable as the game progresses.

The attitude and appearance of CJ was highly instrumental in attaining the mass fan following that the character of CJ enjoyed. He had the in-built quality to come on the top of any situation that was given to him by his adversaries. Arguably, the most badass player ever.

Nico Bellic

Nico Bellic is one of the most interesting and complex characters ever in the GTA series. When the game released, IGN was ready to label Niko as one of the greatest video game characters ever to grace the console world.

The game is all about the character of Niko seeking a better life for himself while coming to terms with his inner demons. Nico is portrayed as a very down-to-earth business person, very protective of his family and friends. Appearance wise, Nico appears to be a very decent person with sophisticated manners.

Niko Bellic attained mass appeal because of the refreshing characteristics that were brought upon by the deviations from the previous characters in the series. One awesomely badass character in the series.

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