6 free to play PS4 games you should play

In this age of costly games coupled with periodical DLCs that considerably lighten our purses, we receive much relief from the free-to-play games that are published from time to time. It is not that the free-to-play games are not at par with the other console games but many give other expensive console games a run for their money with their intriguing and engaging gameplay.

Featured here today are 6 games on the PS4 that will be free-to-play with monetary transactions confined to the bare minimum. These also won't require you to make an PS Plus subscription in order to play online. Lets have a look.

1. Warframe

Expected some time in 2014 on the PS4, Warframe is a fast paced co-op shooter with 11 interesting missions thrown in- ranging from horde style modes to assassinations. The game is a third person shooter with players getting amazing superpowers.

Graphics wise, the game manages to hold its own and all the features are also included free of cost except that you have to buy stuff you need to accessorize via various micro-transactions.

Definitely a game to try out on the PS4.

2. Planetside 2

Planetside 2 is a massive multiplayer that feature battles that are epic in size, sometimes comprising of thousands of players that battle on foot, on land and in air. Expected in late 2013/early 2014, the game has a bevy of player customization options and weapons tweaks that compel you to invest on your characters.

A game to look out for.

3. DC Universe Online

This is one for fans of comic books. Coming on the PS4 in 2014 DC Universe Online is a free-to-play MMORPG wherein players can assume the role of either a hero or a villain. You are free to explore Gotham and Metropolis, completing various tasks in the process as an avatar you can customize into any symbol you want. The major chunk of the game is free with investment needed if you want to access more higher level stuff.

The game received a highly positive response on the PS3. Rest assured, a PS4 version will be at par, if not better.

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