Kingdom Rush: Frontiers - Free update, Rising Tides, coming August 1

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

A whole new wave of content is hitting mobile tower-defense game Kingdom Rush Frontiersthis Thursday, August 1.

Rising Tides brings sea-themed enemies (like tentacles and a whale that spits out foes), heroes (such as Karkinos and Kutsao), maps, and more to the successful title, which is the sequel to the original Kingdom Rush on iOS and Android. Developer Ironhide Game Studio released it in early June.

The update is free, which is nice considering the game costs either $3 or $5, depending on whether you buy the regular or HD version for iPhone and iPad. Apple named Kingdom Rush Frontiers its Editor's Choice Game of the Week last month. It's become a top paid app in more than 50 countries.

On the YouTube page for the announcement trailer, Ironhide posted a note about additional versions of the game, saying: "We are working very hard to deliver the Android, Flash, and Steam versions as soon as possible."

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