Madden 25: The best quarterbacks to run the option with

Madden 25
Madden 25

College football continues to have an impact on NFL offenses. Any given Sunday, you will see all kinds of option plays that you would have never seen just 5 years ago. The same thing is happening in Madden games. This year there will be 10 times more option plays in Madden 25 than 5 years ago. In order to run the option correctly, you will need to know which players run the option best.

5. Michael Vick – Even though he is increasingly old, he still has the speed, acceleration, and agility ratings to get the job done. He fumbles a lot though, so make sure you protect the ball when running with him.

4. Cam Newton – He has mid 80's speed and solid trucking. He certainly isn't the best player available to run the option with, but he can absolutely do it and do it well.

3. Russell Wilson – He has a good running back in Marshawn Lynch and a good offensive line. If you mix some the option plays in with a normal offense, Wilson has the speed to make the defense respect him.

2. Colin Kaepernick – He is just a slightly better version of Russell Wilson in Madden 25. The 49ers have so many weapons that the defense will sleep on him and that's when you should be able to pick up a solid gain.

1. Robert Griffin III – If you use Robert Griffin III the right way, the option game will be nearly unstoppable. Don't fall into the trap of running with him every play no matter how tempting that may be. It will be an easy way to get him injured and leave you with no offense later on in the game.

By now the theme must seem fairly obvious. Use a quarterback that has high speed, agility, elusiveness, and break tackle ratings. The higher these ratings, the more success you will have. Now that you know which quarterbacks are best for the option, you should check out Madden-School's defensive tips for stopping the read option in Madden 25.

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